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Entry #18

It's been a while.

2013-02-15 18:33:13 by whitesymphonia

Haven't been on NG in ages. Pretty much nothing since '11. Felt bad that I haven't wrote anything, and tried pretty hard to pick back up. Kind of wanted to do something and submit before the end of 2012 in December, but couldn't scramble something I felt worthy together. Think I'll stick to just piano compositions for a while, been inspired quite a bit by John Schmidt's work, as well as a beautiful piano duet rendition of Christopher Beck's Paperman.

Lost most if not all of my VSTs, so it'll be hard, but I'm eager to get back in the game.

See y'all around!


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2013-02-15 19:55:44

whats funny is i perfer classical to the newer tunes as i grew up with the elderly so i love pinao music and watch black and white tv shows and barely understand much int he modern world


2013-02-15 21:57:04

wow, i cannot handle the guy below me's level of EDGYNESS


2013-03-17 11:02:42

Hey its tk. Sounds good :)