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It's been a while.

2013-02-15 18:33:13 by whitesymphonia

Haven't been on NG in ages. Pretty much nothing since '11. Felt bad that I haven't wrote anything, and tried pretty hard to pick back up. Kind of wanted to do something and submit before the end of 2012 in December, but couldn't scramble something I felt worthy together. Think I'll stick to just piano compositions for a while, been inspired quite a bit by John Schmidt's work, as well as a beautiful piano duet rendition of Christopher Beck's Paperman.

Lost most if not all of my VSTs, so it'll be hard, but I'm eager to get back in the game.

See y'all around!


2011-07-24 19:24:59 by whitesymphonia

Promised a friend that I'd write her a song since she was moving away. Took me two months to do so, but here it is! /435294

On the side, I have another work in progress that she inspired me with :). She requested a purely piano piece, so I haven't polished that up yet.


Looooooong ass season

2011-06-01 10:09:58 by whitesymphonia

Well, Spring's almost over, and things have been hectic. I started a piece at the beginning of Spring, hoping to get a few more pieces written, but life happened so I couldn't finish that till yesterday.

Hope y'all like it! /424056

Spring is come!

2011-03-20 22:48:30 by whitesymphonia

Well, it's springtime!!! :) I like Spring, and thus I feel like writing something in the spirit of Spring, something more lively than everything I've done during Winter. No more icy, cold, sad things, time for something upbeat and happy! Anyways, it'll probably be coming up sometime soon :)

Dwarf Fortress!

2011-02-28 21:20:44 by whitesymphonia

I don't know how many of you know about Dwarf Fortress, but it's a excellent game. Essentially a rogue-like sims, you commandeer a group of dwarves on an expedition to create the greatest fortress that ever lived. Unlike other strategy games, DF generates an entire world, with in-depth geology and multiple elevations. Your little dwarves have to not only survive, but also survive against the harms of the outside world. After a while, you'll end up with a fortress in the earth, one filled with many levels and traps.

It's free and in alpha so grab it if you want a taste. Keep in mind it's all ASCII for graphics (they did it on purpose), so if you're one of those people who whine about graphics and can't appreciate a real game, forget about it.

Recently one of my fortresses ended up with a artificial flood when I hit an underground water source, and messed up my floodgates. Then, water started pouring in like crazy. To save my upper levels, I had to seal off one of the lower floors, dooming two of my best miners to a watery grave. One died after a while, but another one is still kicking. Hopefully I can launch an expedition down there and divert the water away and save the other guy.

Here's an experimental song I wanted to try writing: /401928

Been a while since I wrote anything, or posted anything here. So, I'm still alive! and working on stuff, although some issues with school has bogged me down by a few weeks actually >_>. Everything's been shifted back a few weeks.

Started doing more loops!

2011-01-18 13:53:00 by whitesymphonia

Seeing how many people create loads of loops which end up getting used in animations and games very often, I decided to started doin some more loops along with writing songs. Spruced up an old tune that I was working on a while ago and here it is: /392495


Got a banner up!

2011-01-17 17:21:40 by whitesymphonia

Just recently commissioned a graphic designer/artist friend to make me a banner and a new avatar. Love his creation, and am using it right now.

Here's his deviantart if you want to see more art instead of graphic designs.

chenmyt's deviantart


Got a banner up!

So, anyways, there's a music store nearby that is about to close :(. They're having a "Everything Must Go" Sale, so everything's discounted a lot, so I decided to head over today and see what I could pickup. Went there hoping to get a new set of headphones and ended up not getting it :\. Regardless of 30-80% discounts, headphones were still ridiculously overpriced :(. At least I ended up picking up a stack of CDs to listen to, which made my day :). Also picked up a splitter for $3.99 so I could share my tunes w/ my bro :).

A completely piano piece!

2011-01-10 21:35:02 by whitesymphonia

Haven't done this in a while. Pretty much just messing around on the piano that I did tonight. /390410